Michael Graceffa

Michael graduated in Palermo in Building Engineering-Architecture in 2016, with a thesis developed largely at the IIT in Chicago in the USA, for which in 2017 he received a HONORABLE MENTION for the project of ideas along the Lake Front. After having attended several courses and having obtained certificates of graphic processing and creation of three-dimensional projects in VR, in 2016 he attended the MADI master at the IUAV in Venice, where he specialized as Visual Design. In 2018 he worked in Milan at the ONE WORKS studio, where he acquired practical knowledge of managing important and complex issues. After this experience he decides to continue as a Freelance collaborating with studios such as Carlo Ratti in Turin and Marani Architect in Prague. In 2020, together with his friend Giuseppe, he decided to create DEAL studio, in his hometown in order to serve a wide range of professionals eager for innovations up to that point existing only in northern Italy.