Gianmarco Ippino

Gianmarco studied at the IUAV in Venice and after graduating in 2016 he began collaborating with Traverso-Vighy Architetti, a small excellence in luxury prefabricated design and light design. This leads him to look beyond the European world and he decides to move to Japan where he collaborates with Satoshi Okada Architects for 7 months. In this period he focuses on improving his 3D modeling and rendering skills, and back from Japan Gianmarco attended a Master in Archiviz at the IUAV in Venice, after which he moved to Milan where he collaborated as a freelancer with studios and agencies, such as Guido Maria Canti Yatch, Labodesign, De Miranda Associati, INEA Engineering, DUEPUNTOSEDICI Design & Comunication, FastenSeatBelt Group and others.