We are the studio where your ideas will start to live.

DEAL has its own internal know-how and a complete set of skills to offer our customers the best and constant quality in multiple fields of vision.

The quality of our work is something special for us, and for this reason we will always choose quality rather than quantity and we will seek the best performance without ever compromising on appearance.

We are a team made up of different professionals, each with their own skills, years of experience and with a strong passion for our work, we focus on projects of different scales with great attention to detail and costs. Our studio provides advice and preparation of project documentation for all phases of construction projects.

What sets us apart from the others is enormous processing power thanks to our internal renderfarm, which is also used by other companies around the world to make their projects better.

We produce world-class images to aid in communicating new products, new technologies, projects, ideas and industry solutions.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Now more than ever…


Michael Graceffa

Founder - Architect - 3D Visualizer

Giuseppe Prestianni

Founder & CEO | BIM Manager

Antonello Gallo

3d Artist / Graphic Consultancy

Ludovico Palmeri

Digital images, VR and Animation

Gianmarco Ippino

3D Design Video Animation

Guido Bonfardeci

BIM Specialist

Rosario Altopiano

BIM Specialist

Riccardo Lunghi

3D Interiors

Dino Spitaleri

Structural Engineer

Emanuela Di Patti

Digital Specialist | Web Designer

Tullio Polisi

Architect and 3D Printer Expert

Giuseppe Graceffa

Construction Manager

Marco Agria

BIM Specialist